Our Diagnostic Testing Capabilities

Strato Labs offers local, private molecular diagnostic testing of individuals, staff, employers and locations for Sars-CoV-2 COVID-19, delivering reliable detection & same day results. 

When offsite lab-based testing isn’t easily accessed, or there simply isn’t time, our point-of-care rapid tests fill the immediate gap and get people back to work and daily life sooner, all by way of Health Canada-approved testing technology.

In addition, Strato Labs is one of only a few mobile point-of-care testing labs in Canada, and we're ready to visit your location at a moment's notice. Our mobile units utilize the same technology as our home facility to provide you reliable detection results of the virus & same day results.

Our Testing Process

Our automated Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) devices amplify your DNA samples, ensuring definitive and same-day results in most cases. Strato Labs will deploy a Lab Technician and a Nurse/PCP to your location, where our compact system requires only a small space to complete our tests. 

Different rapid tests serve different purposes, and our team will determine which tests—either RT-qPCR or Antigen—is the right solution for your specific needs. Each type of test has a different probability for detecting COVID-19.

Our Nurse/PCP will perform a swab on the required individuals then pass the sample to our Lab Technician for analysis. Once the samples have been prepped within our centrifuge, the liquid will be transferred to one of our Hyris bCube devices.

Our Testing Technology

The Hyris Virus Finder System detects the viral RNA of SARS COV-2 by a hydrolysis probe Real-Time RT PCR. The Virus Finder is suitable for direct amplification of nucleic acids within a potential virus sample. No sample extraction is needed prior to the PCR amplification step. SARS-COV-2 RNA detection occurs through primers and probe sets specifically targeting the viral nucleocapsid gene (N gene), providing the most accurate test results available.

The Hyris Virus Finder System allows clear and concise interpretation of results, where all data generated is remotely accessible anywhere, anytime in our secure genome database. Clients will be setup and trained in the QBench cloud-based portal for live test results tracking, and we'll provide you access to your private data only to those who you approve. We protect all information acquired by our system and ensure your sensitive results are safe and secure.

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