We Have Swabless Testing!
    Using a saliva sample instead of a nose swab, this test is completey non-invasive, 
    easier for children, and backed by the power of RT-PCR virus detection. 
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  • Three Tests For One Economic Price
    When You Need To Know 
    This winter, we face a triple threat from illness, what some have called the "tripledemic."  Protect yourself and others with a combined COVID-19, Flu & RSV test for one low price.

    Rapid COVID-19 Test

    COVID-19 is still a threat! Detect the SARS-CoV-2 viral proteins to confirm the presence of an active infection in just 15 minutes. 

    Influenza Test

    If it's not COVID, then it could be the flu, which is extremely contagious, especially in the first 3-4 days after symptoms appear.

    RSV Test

    Not COVID or the flu? Perhaps it is the third threat we face this winter - RSV, which can be  contagious even before symptoms appear.
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