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Strato Health Solutions is a trusted partner and advisor to the private aviation industry, the film and television world (including the ACCP), COVID compliance professionals, sports and entertainment, retail, and hospitality sectors.  Now that we are beginning to see teams slowly returning to the office, we are engaging with clients to assist in building return-to-office programs.

The best plan is a custom plan for your organization, we are booking consultations now.
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Our Satisfied Clients Include

Return-to-Office Program Services

Healthier Spaces

Prepare spaces to protect your people and restore operations.
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Bespoke Testing

A custom testing plan based on your needs & desired outcomes.
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Daily Screening

Quick & easy screening for capturing positive cases
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COVID Playbook

We help you plan your response for positive cases.
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Healther Spaces with Particle One

Prepared spaces protect people and operations. The “new normal” of airborne viruses, including COVID, means people are cautious about returning indoors. To bring people back full time and restore productivity, people need assurance that real action has been taken to make a shared space safe.

Reassure staff and customers with a science-based plan that accounts for the specifics of your space, its location, and how people use it. ParticleOne is a digital platform that calculates and monitors the risk of indoor virus transmission.
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Bespoke Testing Program

Our cutting-edge technology provides the immediate results your business needs to confirm your return to work strategy is fact-based. We will build a testing plan based on your desired outcomes.

Strato Health Solutions offers local, private molecular diagnostic testing of individuals for Sars-CoV-2 COVID-19, delivering reliable detection and same day results. When offsite lab-based testing isn’t a viable option, our rapid tests fill the immediate gap and get people back to work and daily life sooner, all by way of Health Canada-approved testing technology.
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Daily Screening

Daily screening only takes a few moments, and provides a safety net for capturing potential positive cases. The screening questionnaire asks us how we feel, when we tested last, and allows an organization to track the effectiveness of their mitigation plans.
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Positive COVID Results Playbook

What happens when someone in our group tests positive for COVID-19? Strato Health Solutions will arm your team with a playbook for the most common scenarios, and will provide 24/7 support when you require extra help. Your playbook will include names and numbers of our clinical staff, instructions for reporting, and a clear path for returning to work after testing positive.
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