Saliva Test for COVID-19 Detection

Posted by wpx_strato on July 14, 2022


Strato Labs is excited to announce that the MicroGEM Sal6830 has become the very first Health Canada authorized PCR-based Saliva Test for the detection of COVID-19. This is a huge breakthrough that creates a new sample collection alternative to nasal swabs.

Sal6830 combines easy-to-collect saliva samples with an extraction free process for ultrafast PCR results. Make quick decisions about a person’s health at the point-of-care.

This testing method:

  • Is Non-Invasive
  • Generates Results in Under 30 Minutes
  • Is a High-Performance PCR

Songbird Life Science is MicroGEM’s Canadian distribution partner for the Sal6830 and its exclusive partner for specific industrial sectors across the country.  Strato Labs is Songbirds partner for the Private aviation, TV / Film & Commercial production sector in Ontario

Contact Caullyn Godfrey for details.

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